Local Londis exclusively trials pioneering mobile self-checkout technology in Irish grocery retail stores

Londis in the News

New technology enables greater social distancing in-store by allowing customers to scan and pay for items using their phone

Jonathan and Derek Corbett, owners and operators of Londis Newcastle in Galway, have become the first retail and FMCG business in Ireland to deploy an innovative Scan, Pay & Go checkout technology, developed by MishiPay, as part of a new pilot scheme.

The pioneering pilot scheme, which is the next evolution of the mobile-scan checkout, is being trialled in two strategic locations within the BWG Foods retail estate. BWG Foods own and operate the Londis brand in Ireland. The new Scan, Pay & Go technology is entirely contactless and frictionless, meaning it will facilitate greater in-store social distancing by allowing customers to scan and pay for items using their own mobile phone and is unique to the FMCG market. In addition, the software allows retailers to place limits on the quantity of goods purchased by each user, thereby helping to ensure better stock management.

Other benefits of the technology include greater convenience for customers, with less time queueing at checkouts, while also allowing customers to scan products remotely from home for Click & Collect or Home Delivery services meaning even less time spent in-store. It is anticipated that the technology will allow retailers to improve operational efficiencies by freeing up staff from checkouts to meet increasing demand in other areas of store operations including foodservice.

This innovative mobile checkout technology, which went live at Londis Newcastle in Galway last week, marking MishiPay’s first foray into grocery and convenience, integrates with retailers’ existing IT systems without requiring any additional hardware, which will facilitate a rapid rollout if required.

Commenting on the launch of the pioneering technology, Chris Donnelly, IT Director, BWG Foods said: “The current pandemic has accelerated the need for consumer facing businesses to embrace new technologies that make shopping experiences safer, quicker and altogether more convenient. We’ve been exploring a number of different advanced solutions to further enhance the convenience of our retailers’ offerings and we believe this innovation represents the next great evolution of grocery retailing in Ireland. We’re delighted to be partnering with a reputable and innovative business such as MishiPay, whose solution marks the ultimate consumerisation of technology and has the potential to deliver major benefits to both consumers and retailers alike.”

Jonathan Corbett said, “We’re delighted to be trialling this innovative technology in Londis Newcastle. What the Covid-19 crisis reinforced for us – and all Londis Retailers – is that the health and safety of our staff and customers is our primary concern. If this cutting-edge technology affords us even greater safety considerations we will be thrilled. Londis also has a strong history of introducing innovation to the retail convenience industry and we’re thrilled that BWG Foods and Mishi-pay are trialling this in our Londis.”